Vintage Dental Spa is dedicated to providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy making your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to tell us about your visits. This will help us continue to improve and better meet your needs.
1. When you enter our office for a dental appointment, did you receive a friendly greeting from the receptionist and/or other members of the office staff?
2. When you called to make or change an appointment, was the office staff polite, courteous, and helpful in finding you an available appointment date and time?
3. Did the dentist and assistants take an adequate amount of time to explain your proposed treatment, ensure that you understood, and took the time to answer all your questions?
4. When you visited our office, were you seated in an adequate amount of time?
5. How would you rate the professionalism of our team?
6. How would you refer to our office when in a conversation with family or friends?
7. How satisfied were you with the way you were treated as an individual and a patient in our dental office?
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